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Sound of Movies – Melbourne Themed TV and Movies in celebration of the 2015 Australian Football League Grand Final.  Hosted by Ashley Wincer and Ann Pulbrook.  Press the play button above to listen to the podcast or watch the official trailers below.

Underbelly (2008):

Sound of Movies - Melbourne Themed TV and Movies

Underbelly is an Australian television true crime drama series based on the real-life events that took place in Melbourne.  There have been six series of Underbelly in total.  The original 13 part series aired on Channel 9 from February through til May 2008.  The role Ann played on Underbelly was that of a gangsters wife at the funeral of Jason Moran.  Now available on DVD and it is an easy find in most places DVDs are sold.  Both Ann and I recommend watching the original series of Underbelly if you can find the time.

Blue Heelers (1994 – 2006):

Sound of Movies - Melbourne Themed TV and Movies Blue Heelers

Blue Heelers is an Australian police drama series that ran for 12 years, from 1994 to 2006, depicting the lives of police officers in Mount Thomas, a fictional small town in Victoria.

Throughout the entire collection of all 510 episodes of Blue Heelers, there is very little similarity between Underbelly and Blue Heelers.  However, for some unknown reason I really enjoy watching all Australian Police dramas.  I have to admit I am a little embarrassed to say so, but over a period of two years, I managed to watch every episode of Blue Heelers.  You too can join the “watched every episode of Blue Heelers club” by simply watching it online. Or you could try watching Blue Heelers on Tubi.TV, which is a free online streaming service.

Every episode of Blue Heelers is now available online at no charge.  If you are interested in watching episodes of Blue Heelers, simply go to the Official Blue Heelers youtube page.

Now all that is needed, convince Crawfords to monetize some of their early work on youtube; such as Bluey and Cop Shop.

Malcolm (1986):

Malcolm DVD

Malcolm is a 1986 Australian cult film comedy, written by David Parker and Nadia Tass.  Directed by Nadia Tass.  Starring Colin Friels as the tram enthusiast who becomes involved with a pair of would-be bank robbers, played by Lindy Davies and John Hargreaves.

Malcolm is one of my favorite Australian movies of all time.  Both Ann and I highly recommend watching Malcolm.  It is not likely to be as easy a find in DVD stores as Underbelly.  If you do stumble across Malcolm, I recommend adding this Australian film to your personal movie collection.

From time to time Malcolm has appeared at places like the Astor Theatre with special appearances by both Nadia Tass and David Parker for Q&A sessions.  If you get the chance, it is worth popping along to those sort of special events.  Press play below to watch the official Malcolm trailer.

Neighbours (1985 – Present):

Neighbours is an Australian TV series that has been on the air since 1985 and continues til this day on Channel 11.  Since 1986, Neighbours has been filmed in the Melbourne suburbs of Nunawading and Vermont.

On 11 January 2011, Neighbours moved to channel Ten’s digital channel, Eleven.  Usually Ann and I only watch Neighbours when episodes Ann has worked on are due to be broadcast.  Ann works on Neighbours from time to time as an extra in the background.

In 2005, Neighbours officially became the longest running television drama series in Australia.

The Club (1980):

The Club Cover 2

The Club is a satirical play written by Australian playwright David Williamson.  The Club follows the fortunes of an Australian rules football club over the course of a season, and explores the clashes of individuals from within the club.  Inspired by the backroom dealings and antics of the Victorian Football League’s Collingwood Football Club.

Luckily, Ann happened to have The Club on DVD in her personal movie collection, so I took the chance to watch the movie.  It is a great story and I was very impressed with it.  Not knowing what to expect and being a story about football, I was initially a little skeptical.  However I still gave it a go and I am glad I did.

We both recommend watching The Club if you can find the DVD.  I have not seen it for sale anywhere while looking through DVD stores, so don’t be too disappointed if you cannot find it immediately.  If you can find it, watch it.

Press the play button below to watch the official trailer of The Club.

We hope you enjoyed listening to this special Melbourne themed episode of the Sound of Movies.  It was broadcast from the Gippsland FM studios on Saturday October 3rd at 12pm.

If you have any questions about the Sound of Movies, please feel free to contact either Ashley Wincer or Ann Pulbrook by e-mail.  You can follow the Sound of Movies on Facebook, Twitter or on iTunes. Thank-you.

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