Sound of Movies – Death Proof

Sound of Movies – Death Proof hosted by Ashley Wincer and Ann Pulbrook.  To listen to the audio podcast press play above. Press play below to watch the official trailer.

Death Proof is certainly an interesting Tarantino movie with some very interesting music as you will hear on the podcast.  Although this movie is quite different from his other pieces of work, I do recommend taking a look at this movie.  You would call it a good old fashioned revenge movie.  I’ve always been a sucker for revenge movies, from the Charles Bronson Death Wish franchise to The Brave One with Jodie Foster.  Although this one is a bit different, but I am sure you will enjoy it.

Surprisingly, Ann also enjoyed watching Death Proof.  I was not sure what Ann would think of the movie, but I was happy to see she enjoyed it.  Ann thought Kurt Russell’s performance was brilliant, with the movie giving a bit of a punch with a pleasant surprise.  Followed through with a non-traditional Tarantino ending.

We both recommend you take the time to watch Death Proof and listen to the great soundtrack.  The trailer below was part of the double feature Grindhouse release of Planet Terror and Death Proof.

We hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of the Sound of Movies – Death Proof.  This episode of The Sound of Movies was re-broadcast from the Gippsland FM studios on Saturday July 9th 2016 at 12pm.

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